Love at first sight

It wasn’t exactly a typical meeting. We first met on Easter Sunday 2015, at the very popular Pink Punters, a gay bar in Milton Keynes!

Amber was with her friends by the fire pit as my friends and I waltzed in. As it turned out, our friends all knew each other from school and immediately started hugging. We were both caught in the middle, and to avoid any awkwardness decided to jokingly mimic them with a hug & introduction.

Love at first sight Continued

After talking for a while we discovered that we had attended the same school (just two years apart) but had never seen each other. (Quite recently we found out that we had even gone to the same nursery as well!).

We stayed out until 4:00am chatting, dancing and sharing a few kisses. At some point during the night I sneakily pinched Amber’s phone and sent myself a friend request on Facebook so we could carry on the conversation. The tactic worked and when Amber woke up the following morning, I had already messaged her and we continued where we left off (since then not a day has gone by without us talking).

Our first date

Although I was living in Northamptonshire and Amber was in London we quickly planned our first date a week after meeting. We met for a meal in Milton Keynes and it quickly became clear how much we had in common, from humour to our taste in music, travel, family values and so much more.

We spent the next few months travelling back and forth visiting each other until we decided to take the plunge and move in together, a whole 10 months after we met.

Our lives since meeting

Since then, we’ve visited 11 different countries, our favourites of which are Paris, Rome, New York & Thailand. In 2018 we bought our first home together in London and spent a few months fully renovating it, and in late 2019 we welcomed our little doggy Otis.

We have recently moved back home to Milton Keynes where we have just bought our dream home. We are so excited to be closer to our friends and family again!

Our Engagement

A few months ago, on the weekend of our 6 year anniversary I decided to pop the question. With the UK still in Covid lockdown we went for a long dog walk in Mitcham Common, around an hour into the walk I picked my moment and got down on one knee. After a lot of crying and disbelief (she was convinced I was joking) Amber said yes!

Now we can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives and celebrate our special day with our family & friends.